Quick Answer: How do I find out if a business name is available in Missouri?

Contacting the local Secretary of State (SOS) office via Phone or Email is free and is the most reliable way to check your business name availability. There’s an online business entity search available via the Missouri Secretary of State Business Services division website.

How do I find out if a business name is in use?

In most states, the website of the state business filing agency includes an online entity name check tool. You can use the online tool to search business names and find out whether another business is already using the name you have chosen.

How do I find out if an LLC is available in Missouri?

Just go to the business name search tool and enter your proposed business name. You can search the register of the Missouri Secretary of State, which will tell you if there are any MO corporations or LLCs with that name.

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How do I check if an entity name is available?

Visit: https://businesssearch.sos.ca.gov/ Select “Corporation Name” or “LP/LLC Name.” Enter all or part of your business name next to “Search Criteria.”

How do I reserve a business name in Missouri?

Registering a business name in Missouri is done when you form your business entity (LLC or corporation) with the state. You must first choose your business structure, then do a business name search to ensure name availability. Afterward, you must form your entity with your business name with the state.

How do I find out if a business is still active?

Contact your state’s Department of State.

The Department of State registers business entities and maintains old business information for any business in its jurisdiction. Find your state’s Department of State office either through an online search or by going to the National Association of Secretaries of State website.

How do I trademark my company name?

Registering a trademark for a company name is pretty straightforward. Many businesses can file an application online in less than 90 minutes, without a lawyer’s help. The simplest way to register is on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Web site, www.uspto.gov.

How do I check to see if a business name is available in the US?

Simply go to http://www.uspto.gov/main/trademarks.htm and click “Search.” Then follow the instructions you see on the screen.

How do I find my LLC information?

Information about an LLC can be found through the Secretary of State website for the state in which the LLC is formed. Online business searches are available to learn more about the businesses formed in each state.

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Do you have to renew your LLC every year?

Do I need to renew my LLC every year? The renewal fee for a limited liability company, or LLC, has to be paid every one or two years, with the frequency varying by state. The LLC business entity is created at the state level.

How do I find out if a business name is available in Illinois?

How do I check to see if a Corporation/LLC name is available? The Illinois Secretary of State Department of Business Services provides a database at http://www.ilsos.gov/corporatellc/ where you can do a preliminary search. LLC’s – 217-524-8008. Be prepared with alternative names.

How do I check to see if a business name is available in Texas?

You can use the Texas Taxable Entity Search tool to see if your business name is available. You can also call the Texas Secretary of State at (512) 463-5555 or email them at corpinfo@sos.state.tx.us for a preliminary name availability screening.

How do I check to see if a business name is available in Indiana?

To check a business name for availability, please log into your INBiz account and click Online Services. Under the Secretary of State section, select Name Reservations. Enter the desired name and click Check availability.