Frequent question: How do I start a handyman business in Arkansas?

Do I need a license to be a handyman in Arkansas?

You’ll need a Home Improvement License as a handyman in Arkansas if you are planning to do specialty work worth more than $2,000 as a contractor at a single-family residence. … There is no exam, but the handyman license requirements include proof of workers’ compensation insurance, as well as a financial statement.

How do I get my handyman business license in Arkansas?

How to Get a Contractor’s License: General Requirements in Arkansas

  1. Download and submit the Arkansas Commercial New Application Form.
  2. Pay the $100 fee.
  3. Submit three (3) written references along with your application (make sure they’re less than 90 days old)
  4. Submit a copy of your Arkansas Business and Law exam score.

How much work can you do without a contractor license in Arkansas?

A. In general (there are some important exceptions) anyone doing remodeling or repair work (any type of “home improvement” work) at a single family residence, when the cost of the work is $2,000 or more, labor and material, must be licensed.

What type of work can a handyman do legally?

Handymen can do repairs all day long. They can do maintenance, minor jobs like installing trim, power washing and staining a deck, trash hauling, touching up paint, or minor dry rot repairs, furniture and cabinet assembly. They can repair a fence… build a gate, install a screen door.

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How do you become a licensed handyman?

Handyman license requirements usually include professional handyman training, taking and passing a professional handyman or handyman contractors USA exam, and handyman insurance coverage and/or bonding. Additional certification may be required, such as an occupational or handyman business license.

Can a handyman change a light fixture?

of Labor & Industries whether a licensed general contractor operating a handyman business was allowed to do small plumbing and electrical tasks – for example, replacing a light fixture or switch, installing a garbage disposal, replacing a toilet or tub/sink fixture, etc.

How much is insurance for a handyman business?

The median cost of workers’ compensation insurance for handypeople is about $315 per month, or $3,790 annually. This policy is required in almost every state for businesses that have employees. It can help cover medical bills and lost wages for work-related injuries and illnesses.

Can handymen do electrical work?

Some handymen are licensed to to electrical work. These are the type of handymen who do all kinds of repair work. … You might need a master electrician to do major wiring jobs, but for small electrical repairs, you can hire a handyman as long as he has an electrical license.

Is it legal to build your own house in Arkansas?

Bill Johnson, an Arkansan, has decided that he wants to build a new house. He has three options to complete construction: Option #1 Bill can build his own house. … Arkansas mandates that workers in 30 separate residential construction tasks must hold separate, specialty licenses.

Do you have to have a license to build your own home?

Do you need a license to build your own home or addition? Typically no. A license in most professions is used to protect people you work for… like in the case of a real estate agent.

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