How can I start a business without GST?

Can I run a business without GST?

Businesses and individuals are exempt from GST if their annual aggregate turnover is less than a specific amount. … The GST exemption for businesses engaged in supply of services has remained at Rs. 10 lakh for hilly and northeastern states/20 lakhs for all other states.

Is GST no necessary for small business?

However, any business whose turnover exceeds Rs 40 lakh in a financial year is required to register under GST. This limit is Rs 20 lakh for service providers. This higher threshold under GST has brought compliance relief to many small businesses, including startups in India.

Can I do online business without GST?

You can sell online without GST only if you sell goods which are exempted. If you sell goods on which GST is applicable, then you has to get GST number to be able to sell online.

What is the limit of business without GST?

There has been no change in the threshold limits for service providers. Persons providing services need to register if their aggregate turnover exceeds Rs. 20 lakh (for normal category states) and Rs. 10 lakh (for special category states).

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Who is exempted GST?

Contraceptives, semen, human blood, vaccines, organic manure, earthen pots, beehives, live animals (except horses), maps, books, journals, newspapers, non-judicial stamps, kites, and pooja props. Note: The above list of exempted goods is listed under GST rules but may be subject to change as the council suggests.

Does startup require GST?

Goods and service tax or GST will be one tax to subsume all taxes. It will bring in “One nation one tax” regime. Analysis of the impact of GST on startups shows that they will stand to enjoy the benefits of GST.

Startups can enjoy tax credit on their purchases.

GST on service @18% 9,000
Net GST to pay 5,400

Who is eligible for GST?

In the GST Regime, businesses whose turnover exceeds Rs. 40 lakhs* (Rs 10 lakhs for NE and hill states) is required to register as a normal taxable person. This process of registration is called GST registration. For certain businesses, registration under GST is mandatory.

Can I register GST myself?

In order to get the GST number, you need to apply for GST registration by visiting the GST portal i.e., To start the process, you will need to have a valid email address, mobile number and a PAN for the business.

How can I buy products without GST?

As on date there is no mechanism for purchase of goods without GST for the purpose of export. However, the GST Council holds the power to notify such categories as deemed exports. Retired persons who are unregistered under GST are appointed as retainers to carry out certain accounting functions.

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Do we need GST to sell on Instagram?

So, GST registration is required by all the people selling their goods through their social media networks. … This exemption is provided only to those persons, who are just providing services & sell no goods to their customers whatsoever.

What all is exempted from GST?

Books, maps, newspapers, journals, non-judicial stamps, postal items, live animals (except horses), beehives, human blood, semen, bangles, chalk sticks, contraceptives, earthen pots, props used in pooja (including idols, bindi, kumkum), kites, organic manure, and vaccines.