Quick Answer: What tools do I need to start a phone repair business?

What are the tools needed for phone repair?

So, here is a list of repair tools that you must have for your cell phone repair business.

  • Nylon Spudger.
  • Fine Tipped Curved Tweezers.
  • Screwdriver Kit.
  • Plastic Triangle Opening Tool.
  • Precision Knife Set.
  • Anti-static Brush.
  • Suction Cup Pliers.
  • Magnetic Mat.

How do I start a mobile repair shop?

Steps to start your mobile repairing shop in India

  1. Learn and get certified. …
  2. Work to gain some experience. …
  3. Estimate the capital required. …
  4. Choose an ideal location. …
  5. Obtain required licenses. …
  6. Employ an expert technician. …
  7. Keep the best, let go of the worst. …
  8. Promote and advertise your business.

What qualifications do you need to repair phones?

Phone technicians need as a minimum an associate degree in electronics repair, computer science or a related field. Those specializing in the central office or with commercial machines may need a bachelor’s degree.

Can I use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun for phone repair?

3 Answers. Saul, yes you can. A hair dryer on high should get hot enough to loosen the adhesive and it is a bit safer than a heat gun.

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What can I use to open a phone?

If you have a mobile device like the iPhone, where you have to pry up the display in order to get inside, a pair of suction cup pliers is a great tool to have. iFixit battery replacement kits come with a small suction cup to help pry open your phone, but it pales in comparison to some suction cup pliers.

How do I start an online mobile repair business?

How to start your cell phone repair business from home

  1. Learn the business. The first step is to learn about mobile phone repair. …
  2. Make a workstation. The art of repairing smartphones is a delicate one. …
  3. Acquire spare parts. …
  4. Create an identity. …
  5. Check for legalities. …
  6. Figure out the logistics. …
  7. Advertising.

How much money does a mobile shop make?

Although a good performing Mobile Shop makes an average net profit of 20% on its daily sales, 80% of those who get into this business close their Mobile shop in less than 2 years due to losses and cash-flow problems.

Is there any future in mobile repairing?

Mobile Repairing as a career

Working as a mobile phone repair technician yields a good salary and there are also plenty of jobs in the market for mobile phone repair technicians. … The future of smartphones is great and hence the future for mobile repairing technicians is also great.

How do I become a certified phone repair technician?

Though most jobs only require a vocational school certificate in cell phone repair or a related field, some cell phone repair tech jobs just require on-the-job training or an apprenticeship period to work in the cell phone repair business.

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How do I become a cell phone repair technician?

Institutes and Online Courses for technicians in Canada

  1. Kmaster Electronics College Of Technology. …
  2. Wireless Training Center. …
  3. Cellular Repair School.

How do I become a cell phone technician?

So In Short How to Learn Cell Phone Repair?

  1. Complete your academic education.
  2. Get familiarized with smartphones.
  3. Enrol into a cell phone repair course.
  4. Buy tools and some dead phones to practice.
  5. Gain experience.
  6. Take assistance from internet.