Question: How do I get a business name from a phone number?

Social media sites and search engines offer alternative ways to conduct a business lookup by phone number. Consumers can simply enter the phone number, including the area code, into a search engine such as Google. If the number belongs to a legitimate business, the company’s website may show up.

Can you look up a name with a phone number?

AnyWho provides a free online people search directory where you can find people by their name, address or you can do a reverse lookup by phone number. The AnyWho People Search is updated weekly with phone numbers of individuals from across the nation.

How do I find a business address from a phone number?

How to Search for an Address Using a Telephone Number

  1. White Pages. Launch your computer’s Internet browser and go to “” …
  2. Any Who. Open your computer’s Internet browser. …
  3. Use your computer’s Internet browser and navigate to “”

How do I find out who is the owner of a phone number?

Go to in your computer’s web browser. Type your number in (123) 456-7890 format into the Google search bar. You might also type owner or user after the phone number.

Check the WhoCallsMe site.

  1. Type a 10-digit phone number into the text box.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Review the results.
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How do I find someone’s business?

The great thing about these tactics is that they are all free.

  1. Make a Call.
  2. Check the Company Website.
  3. Do a Little Social Media Digging.
  4. Conduct a WHOIS Domain Lookup.
  5. Read the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Reports.
  6. Search State Databases of Registered Businesses.
  7. Contact Local Business Licensing or Regulatory Agencies.

How do I find a company by address?

Search Businesses by Address Online

The recommended way to find a business name by address quickly is to first start with a basic web search on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Simply run a search using the full business address and particularly explore the first results that show up on the page.

How can I get an address from a phone number?

How to Find an Address With Whitepages

  1. Go to the Whitepages website.
  2. Click on the “Reverse Phone” tab above the search bar.
  3. Type in the phone number with the area code (e.g., 212-674-0971).
  4. Select the “Search” button.

Is there a free version of white pages?

Whitepages offers relatively good background check services, free information before its paywall, and extensive criminal record information. Plus, there’s no customer funnel so you get to sign up directly to use the site.

How do I find someone’s landline number?

Access the Internet and navigate to, or Click the tab “Find People.” Enter the first and last name of the person whose phone number you want to find followed by her Postcode. Click “Submit” and wait for the results to populate on the screen. Dial “411” from your home phone.

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What is the best app for looking up phone numbers?

TruthFinder – The top platform with various background check features. CocoFinder – A safe and private service to check phone records. Instant Checkmate – Provides a person’s accurate work history. Intelius – Best for checking every phone number detail.

Is it illegal to trace a phone number?

Tracking a cell phone for personal use is legal because you are not breaching the privacy of any third person.

How do you find out who just called you?

Below are some of the best free reverse phone lookup services available online. Just enter the number that called you, and they can track down the caller.

10 Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites to Find Out Who Called You

  1. CocoFinder. …
  2. Spokeo.
  3. PeopleFinders. …
  4. Truecaller.
  5. Spy Dialer. …
  6. CellRevealer. …
  7. Spytox. …

How do you trace an unknown phone number?

The dial tone must be present within your phone before you can begin the tracing process. Dial *57 on your telephone. This number must be dialled immediately after the unknown call has been made. If this number is dialled an hour or two after the initial unknown call, the service may trace another call.